6 Old Decorating Trends to Avoid in 2022 and What to Use Instead
Humans tend to be emotionally attached to our interior decor but this isn’t ideal to keep your home fashionable and up to date. Change is important to keep up with the times.

The times are a-changing and so are the interior decor trends. Is your home keeping up with the changes? Or do you have elements from outdated styles?

There are quite a few fan-favorite trends that died down pretty quick over the pandemic in 2020, but that didn’t stop people from still sporting the theme in their homes. This includes the excessive rose gold accents or the random TikTok aesthetics that didn’t fit the rest of the room.

Humans tend to be emotionally attached to our interior decor but this isn’t ideal to keep your home fashionable and up to date. Change is important to keep up with the times.

You can’t make a tomorrow with broken pieces of yesterday and with the new tempting, glamorous interior decor trends, you wouldn’t want to.

We’ve compiled a list of decorating trends that make your home outdated, along with ideas of what you should go for instead. Let’s begin our makeover.

Avoid: Velvet

We’ve had our fair share of fun with this thick, demanding fabric. It’s manageable for a small accent like your purse but going for a velvet theme decor is too much now. The re-plumping and striking down to make it look good is just not worth the effort.

Try: Muted Textures

Luxury is now defined by relaxation. Try out layers of relaxed textures and cozy fabrics to give your home a different kind of royalty. Soft and neat fabrics are not tiring to the eye and give a refreshing look.

Muted tones and textures give your home a sense of relaxation.

Avoid: Neutrals

Playing safe is a thing for history books. The boring, dull textures are for the olden days now. While it is still a classic, if you want to jazz up your home and stay fashionable, you need to shake things up a bit.

Try: Clean Green

Possibly the safest way you can add that pizzazz to your house is to go for Sage or Olive green furniture with a complementing wall highlight. It avoids a drastic play with colors, but it steers you away from the dullness of neutrals.

Avoid: Wallpaper Walls

Wallpapers seem too much now and are a pretty suffocating option. While it was amazing in the DIY era, it just seems to kill the potential of the wall.

Try: Fresh Color Block

It’s a creative and colorful era. Walls are your canvas so use them to mix up colors. Try a two or three-tone split color. Use paints that contrast and complement each other to make a color block theme.

Create a color block on your walls instead of wallpaper.

Avoid: Dried Flower Decor

This is a dried-up idea. Nothing screams older and more outdated than dried flower aesthetics. It looked like an innovative idea years ago, but things have changed a lot since then.

Try: Outdoors-Indoors

With the pandemic, it has become more important for us to appreciate nature. This calls for decorative houseplants and colorful flowers to brighten up the walls and corners of your home.

Avoid: Old Farmhouse

Interior designer Anna Franklin has mentioned, “Farmhouse is a trend in style, but there are aspects of it which need to be avoided.” Interior experts advise against overtly purposely worn-out designs. It was a trend that wasn’t meant to last.

Try: Modern Artisan

The classic, old farmhouse aesthetic is now morphing into a modern artisan home look. The two themes share their heritage in craftmanship, but the chic artisan furniture is more in touch with the latest trends in homes.

Some ideas for a more modern approach to the Farmhouse trend.

Avoid: Brick Line Tiles

Yep, the ones you find in almost every home’s kitchen. We won’t deny it, it does look good but it has become incredibly over-used. What good is a nice look if you find it in every home? In this day, you need to stand out to stay updated.

Try: Geometric pastel tiles

This is a space to have fun with your decor. Geometric shapes and tiles give you the freedom to choose from a range of eccentric looks and colors to liven up your interior. This is a fresh look away from the monotonous subway tiles.

Geometric shapes and tiles stand out and are a new trend for homes in 2022.

Trends will always come and go, and you can always go back if it isn't your cup of tea. Make sure to stay true to you and your style, but also keep in mind that there may be a new idea that you didn't even know you liked. These trends are 'in' according to our experts so get out there and try something new!

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