Essential Furniture Pieces for Your New Home
To help you design your ideal new home, we’ve made a checklist of must-have furniture.

Furnishing your new home is both exciting… and daunting. The endless interior ideas all over the internet often overwhelm and can cloud your mind.

You like everything you see.

That classy bookshelf. The big wall clock. A leather chair.

You don’t want to end up with furniture pieces that you have no use for.

To help you design your ideal new home, we’ve made a checklist of must-have furniture. This list will make setting up your home a piece of cake once you’ve copped the basics!

A Comfy Bed

When moving, your comfort and rest needs to come first. Get your resting spot in place before anything else. On top of possibly being your favorite spot, your bed also adds a majestic look to your room. It’s crucial to pick the right bed for you, both in look and feel to ensure you’re well-rested to tackle the rest of your to-do list.

Your bed comes first and foremost in the new place for much needed rest during the move.

One Nightstand

No, not that kind. A bedside table is a productive and attractive part of your bedroom. This particular piece of furniture is highly functional and incredibly useful for daily use. Plus, it adds visual vibrancy to your bed.

A Statement Sofa

Being the eye-catcher of your living room, your sofa acts as the style statement in your home. This is an essential piece of furniture, but worth the wait if you don’t have that ‘statement’ sofa just quite yet. A quality sofa is a true investment in any home so save your money to purchase THE ONE for your home. Besides being the best spot to entertain guests, it’s the piece that describes the rest of your interior. A quality fabric, coupled with a trendy design is needed to create a lasting impact.

A sofa is an essential piece of furniture for your new home - make sure to save for THE ONE.

Accent Chairs

A chair or two to compliment your sofa set will give your home that pizzazz. Chairs are a great way to add extra seating without getting redundant, and also give your living room a flamboyant look. The bonus part of having a chair or two  is you can move them around your space depending on your needs, so much potential!

Dinner Table

This multi-purpose furniture piece is perfect for your new home. You can use the dining table as a desk, a place to relax, and of course, to dine! No need to go out and buy a brand new table, there’s a lot of options like upcycling from a family member or friend - or you can also go looking at some local garage sales for this essential piece of furniture.

A dining room table doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. 

Attractive Lighting

Want to uplift your new home’s look within a budget? Use lights. You will be fascinated to see how much proper attractive lighting can rejuvenate your new apartment or home. Even without going overboard, a few good lamps and focus lights will liven things up - remember, a few lights are better than no lights!

Rug It In

A classic rug to break your monotony floors makes the perfect environment. The warmth and fuzzy feel of the rug account for an inviting abode. The rug also gives you the option to play with the color and add some contrast. Nothing makes a space feel warmer and inviting than an area rug!

An area rug can be a great statement piece in your new home.

Handy Storage Shelf

Storage tends to get less importance in new homes. This can be traced back to the bulky image that people have in their minds. However, a sleek storage shelf may even add to the allure of your home. Shelves are the perfect way to not only display your decorative skills, but a great asset to have moving into a new home.

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