Who Sold the $40M Luxury Mansion on Netflix’s Selling Sunset and to Who?
The show’s most expensive $40 million mansion to date was first mentioned in the 1st season when it wasn’t even completely built.

Netflix’s Selling Sunset has gathered binge-watchers all over the globe. Ever since its 1st Season in 2019, the show has enticed people for different reasons.

Answering intense anticipation, the show has recently confirmed a strong 6th season.

The immense popularity can be owed to a mix of drama amongst the real estate agents, the glamour, and most importantly the breath-taking Los Angeles real estate. The houses featured in the show are jaw-dropping and extremely dreamy.

The show’s most expensive $40 million mansion to date was first mentioned in the 1st season when it wasn’t even completely built. By the 2nd season, it was revealed that the mansion had finished renovation.

But what made it worth $40 million? Well besides the stunning location at Hollywood Hills, it boasts five humongous bedrooms, four luxury hot tubs, nine washrooms, and even a glass elevator. Oh, and did we mention the indoor waterfall?

An entryway of the $40M home.

The mansion covers 20,000 square feet with a 175ft wraparound infinity pool and a lavish rooftop deck.

Owing to its account damaging listed price, the property was deemed to be incredibly difficult to sell. For context, the buyer needed to have a net worth of $250 million!

Fast forward to the end of Season 2, it was shown as a sneak peek to the 3rd season that the mansion had finally been sold out!

So who sold this $40 million unsellable house?

Every agent was head-over-heels for selling this piece. In fact, at a point, it seemed as if Heather had the win.

But after a ton of speculation, it was none other than Jason Oppenheim who sealed the deal!

Jason Oppenheim, real estate agent on Netflix's popular show, Selling Sunset. 

The head of the Oppenheim group got to own the bragging rights for the biggest news on Selling Sunset, or in fact, real estate.

Jason had decided to take selling this property as a challenge and worked tirelessly to come out victorious. He sold the mansion off to ‘a very wealthy’ and ‘impressive’ young couple for $35.5 million, as per Los Angeles Times.

Of course, the deal came with a massive commission of $1.2 million. Hard-earned money for sure.

And who bought it?

Jason hadn’t revealed the buyers of the dream house. He mentioned they were ‘an impressive young couple’, who had apparently made him sign an NDA.

Naturally, we had to dig deep. This was until Variety helped out and reported that Tom and Lisa Bilyeu had made the massive purchase on August 9, 2020.

They are the co-founders of Quest Nutrition, selling protein bars and powders. With a net worth of $400 million, they comfortably met the income criteria.

According to reports, the couple fell in love with the site the moment they saw it. They plan to spend the remainder of their lives in the home.

This love for the mansion can be confirmed with a quick stalk-around of their Instagram pages. Lisa posted pictures of herself with Tom, holding cute signs in front of the mansion’s recognizable wrap-around pool.

Tom and Lisa posing on their new pool deck on Instagram.

Undeniably, this gives us both couple and house goals!

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